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I met Jim Connor one day by chance at a radio station in Huntsville, Alabama.  I was there promoting a project and after my radio segment, there was a man with a banjo who was to go on next to talk about his show.  So I stayed and listened to his segment, and it was then I learned the man was Jim Connor.

Jim is a song writer, composer, instrumentalist, soloist on 18 Gold and Platinum Records, and nominated for Grammy Awards. Jim’s most famous composition is Grandma’s Feather Bed, which John Denver recorded and made world famous. Jim was a long time friend and member of John Denver’s band.

Jim Connor is the finest olde-tyme 5-string banjo player ever”
… Earl Scruggs
“He’s a Knockout!”… Leonard Bernstein
“Sand Mountain Symphony … one of America’s Landmark Musical Compositions” …The SUN, Flagstaff Arizona

After the radio show that morning, we decided to go for a bite to eat and share a meal together to talk about music. After a most enjoyable breakfast, we all headed out to the parking lot to leave, whereby Jim showed me his famous banjo (the one that was stolen, found and then returned 35 years later). Jim then picked up his banjo and right there in the parking lot, sang this little tune.  I recorded this little gem with my iphone. Enjoy!

Jim has performed in hundreds of live clubs, festivals and theatre appearances throughout the world (68 countries, 4 continents, 5 oceans and airspaces in every latitude on earth). 
I reached out to Jim to interview Jim and here are two recordings for you to enjoy.

… My first interview with Jim Connor ….

… Jim Connor from Harvard Days to Europe….

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